Register of interests

Councillor Marjory Bisset

I, Councillor Marjory Bisset a member of Worcester City Council, GIVE NOTICE that I have set out below under the appropriate headings my interests which I am required to declare under the Worcester City Council Code of Conduct and I have put “none” where I have no such interests under any heading.

1. Employment, Office, Trade, Profession or Vocation
Description of employment activity Name of Employer or Body
Retired -
2. Payment or Provision of any other Financial Benefit
Name of Person or Body making Payments
3. Interests in companies and securities
Name of Company/body
4. Contracts with the authority:
Description of Contract
5. Land in the area of the authority
Address/Description of Land Nature of Interest in Land
56 Tunnel Hill Worcester WR4 9SD -
6. Any Tenancy
Description Address/Description of Property/Nature of Interest
- None
7. Licenses to occupy land
Description of Contract Address/Description of Property/Nature of Interest
- None
8. Declaration
Marjory Bisset 7 May 2019
Marjory Bisset 8 July 2020
Marjory Bisset 7 June 2021
Marjory Bisset 26 May 2022