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Application 23/00100/FUL - The Crown and Anchor, 233 Hylton Road

The Corporate Director - Planning and Governance recommends that the Planning Committee grants planning permission, subject to the conditions set out in section 9 of the report.





The Committee considered an application for residential redevelopment of 7 no. apartments (2 no. existing) at The Crown and Anchor, 233 Hylton Road.


Reason Why Being Considered by Planning Committee


The application had been called into Planning Committee by a Ward Member, in accordance with the Council’s Constitution, based on the following rationale:


·         Failure to comply with County Highways Parking Policy

·         Overdevelopment of the site

·         Weight of neighbour’s objections


Report/Background/Late papers


The report set out the background to the proposal, the site and surrounding area, the site itself, relevant policies, planning history and representations and consultations where applicable.


The Committee’s attention was drawn to the late paper which related to a further neighbour objection.


Officer Presentation


The information was presented as set out by the Corporate Director – Planning and Governance, in conjunction with a powerpoint presentation.


Public Representations


The following people had registered to speak on the application:


Carol Hallett (Objector) and Ho Lim Yung (Agent for the Applicant)


Key Points of Debate


·         The objector, in addressing the Committee, stated that the site had caused many local problems over the years and that the community want to obtain the best long-term solution and not create unforeseen problems for the future.  She stated that there was no way of enforcing the ‘car free’ expectation and the proposal will no doubt increase parking in the area which was already under pressure.  


·         Co-operation with the developer of the site to find a way forward was crucial and the objector asked the Committee to either refuse the application or partially accept with a modification to reduce the number from 7 to 6.


·         The objector responded to questions from Committee Members relating particularly to highway pressures around the site and the impact it has and the benefit of a reduction in the number of apartments from 7 to 6.


·         The agent for the applicant, in addressing the Committee, emphasised the key benefits the proposal would bring which would create a positive impact for the area.  He stated that the scheme had been carefully designed and each apartment size met the national standards.  The proposal would also benefit from additional units of housing.  The site was considered to be in a sustainable location.


·         The agent for the applicant responded to questions from Committee Members relating to the number of solar panels to be provided, the submission of a Travel information Pack promoting sustainable forms of access to the development and the hours of construction as required by the Construction Environmental Management Plan.


·         The Service Manager – Development Management drew the Committee’s attention to the recommended conditions at paragraph 9.1 of the report.  He highlighted the corrections to be made as the numbering of the 10% energy requirements as number 12; the obscure glazing as number 15 (which had been merged with condition 12); the reason for condition 13, to be the same as condition 14.


A proposal to approve the application was made and this was seconded.There being no further points made the Chair requested the voting of each Member of the Committee who was eligible to vote.  Following the recording of the votes the proposal to approve was agreed, subject to the amended and additional conditions as referred to above as follows.


For - 6

Against - 2

Abstentions - 0


RESOLVED: That the Committee


1.      grant planning permission, subject to the conditions set out in section 9 of the report, the amendment of conditions 12, 13 and 15 and to the additional conditions relating to obscure glazing and installation of solar panels.


2.      delegate authority to the Corporate Director – Planning and Governance, subject to consultation with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Planning Committee, to confirm the final wording of the above conditions and issue the Decision Notice.


For voting purposes, it was noted Councillor Ditta joined part way through the item and therefore was unable to take part in the voting.







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