Agenda item

Application 22/00100/FUL - 17 New Street

The Corporate Director - Planning and Governance recommends that the Planning Committee grants planning permission  subject to:-

(i)           the conditions set out in section 9 of the report; and

(ii)         the grant of a satisfactory listed building consent.





The Committee considered an application for the change of use from a hot food take-away and a 3 bedroom flat, to a laundrette and 3 no, residential units for short-term holiday lets; demolition of existing two storey return; erection of a new single ad two storey extension to the rear and all associated external works at 17 New Street.


Reason Why Being Considered by Planning Committee


The application had been referred to Planning Committee at the request  of Councillor Denham on the following grounds:


·                Units do not meet the national minimum space standards;

·                Lack of outlook for future residents (ground floor unit in particular); and

·                Impact of the launderette on neighbouring and future residents in terms of noise nuisance and extraction of fumes.


Report/Background/Late Papers


The report set put the background to the proposal, the site and surrounding area, the proposal itself, relevant policies, planning history and representations and consultations where applicable.


There were no late papers circulated.


Officer Presentation


The information was presented as set out by the Corporate Director – Planning and Governance, in conjunction with a powerpoint presentation for the item.


Public Representations


There had been no one registered to speak on the application.  However, local Ward Member, Councillor Denham, who was unable to attend the meeting had provided her comments on the application, which had been circulated to Members of the Committee prior to the meeting.


Key Points of Debate


·         Members raised concerns over the size of the rooms which were smaller than the national standards.


·         The comments of the Conservation Advisory Panel were noted who had stated that the proposed residential use is overdevelopment for the site with amenity space for occupants.  The Interim Head of Development Management acknowledged their comments but stated that other material circumstances had to be taken into account.  He considered that the amenity space probably would be an issue if the flats were permanent.


·         Members did question how we would know they were being used as short term and what was the definition of short term holidays lets.  In response the Interim Head of Development Management said it can be checked if they pay council tax/business rates and stated that there was no specific definition of short term holiday lets.


·         The Head of Planning referred Members to condition 3 in the report which stated that they shall not be occupied as a person or persons’ sole main place or residence.  If evidence came to light then a planning contravention notice can be served.


·         Concerns were raised over the use of large machines in the laundrette and the harm it could cause to the fabric of the old building, together with the noise and steam.  It was confirmed that there was a condition in the listed building application to cover this.


·         The rear flat was of concern which only had a sky light and no windows which was considered unacceptable.


·         Members did comment that businesses should be encouraged and supported and a proposal was made to approve the application, but there was no seconder.


·         A proposal was then made to refuse the application on the grounds of overdevelopment, lack of amenity and harm to the listed building, this was seconded.


A proposal to refuse the application had been made and this was seconded.  There being no further points made the Chair requested the voting of each Member of the Committee who were eligible to vote.  Following the recording of the votes the proposal was refused for the reasons given as follows:


For – 9

Against – 0

Abstentions – 2


Contrary to Officer recommendation it was


RESOLVED: That the Committee


1.      refuse planning permission on the grounds of overdevelopment, lack of amenity and harm to the listed building; and


2.      delegates authority to the Corporate Director – Planning and Governance, subject to consultation with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Planning Committee, to confirm the final wording of the above grounds and issue the Decision Notice.










Supporting documents: