Agenda item

Application 21/01111/VARCO - Aldi, Tybridge Street

The Corporate Director - Planning and Governance recommends that the Planning Committee grants planning permission subject to the conditions set out in section 9 of this report.




The Committee considered an application for changes to condition 1 of application 20/00776/REM to alter the delivery times from the approved 0700 to 2300 to 06.00 to 2300 at Aldi, Tybridge Street.


Reason Why Being Considered by Planning Committee


The application had been referred to Planning Committee at the request of Councillor Udall.


Report/Background/Late Papers


The report set out the background to the proposal, the site and surrounding area, the site itself, relevant policies, planning history and representations and consultations where applicable.


The Committee’s attention was drawn to the late paper which related to a letter from the applicants’ agent in support of the proposal.


Officer Presentation


The information was presented as set out by the Corporate Director – Planning and Governance, in conjunction with a powerpoint presentation for the item.


This application sought to vary condition 1 to the revised hours of 0600 to 2300 on a permanent basis.


Public Representations


There had been no one registered to speak on the application. However, a local Ward Member, Councillor Udall addressed the Committee.


Key Points of Debate


·         A local Ward Member, Councillor Udall, in addressing the Committee raised concerns that the change in delivery hours from 0700 to 0600 would cause potential disruption for nearby residents.  He asked that the Committee be sensitive to the location, geography and residential amenity of the area.


·         Although the report identified that no complaints had been received from neighbours, nor Worcestershire Regulatory Services, for the approved delivery hours of 0700 to 2300 during the 12-month period, Councillor Udall disputed this and stated that neighbours had faced problems but did not know that they could complain.


·         In view of the comments from Councillor Udall, the Head of Planning had suggested that as a way forward, the Committee may wish to defer the application to seek another temporary period which would allow residents to let the authority know if they continued to experience problems.


·         Some Members agreed that this was a busy area already and noise exists on a day-to-day basis and did not see an issue with the change of hours.  Others agreed that it was unhelpful that there had been no complaints to the authority.


·         In debating the issue of whether to propose a 3 or 6 month review, a proposal to refuse the application was made on the grounds of residential amenity and that the approved delivery times 0700 to 2300 to remain as originally decided.  This was seconded.


There being no further points made the Chair asked the Legal Team representative to request the voting of each Member of the Committee who were eligible to vote.  Following the recording of the votes the proposal was refused for the reasons given as follows:


For - 5

Against - 4

Abstentions - 1


Contrary to Officers’ recommendation it was


RESOLVED: That the Committee


1.      refuse planning permission on the grounds of the proposed permanent extended delivery hours and the impact on neighbouring residents’ amenity; and


2.      delegate authority to the Corporate Director – Planning and Governance, subject to consultation with the Chair and Vice Chair of the Planning Committee, to confirm the final wording of the above grounds and issue the Decision Notice.




Supporting documents: