Venue: The Guildhall

Contact: Committee Administration 01905 722280, 722085, 722027 


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Appointment of Substitutes

To receive details of any Member nominated to attend the meeting in place of a Member of the Committee.


Declarations of Interest

To receive any declarations of interest.


Public Representations

Up to a total of fifteen minutes can be allowed, with each speaker being allocated a maximum of five minutes, for members of the public to present a petition, ask a question or comment on any matter on the Agenda or within the remit of the Committee.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 77 KB

Of the meeting held on 19th June 2023 to be approved and signed.


Licensing Annual Report 2023 pdf icon PDF 144 KB

That the Committee note the Licensing Annual Report 2023.


Worcestershire Regulatory Services Environmental Health Update and Performance pdf icon PDF 148 KB

That the Committee note the report.

Additional documents:


Cumulative Impact Policy Review 2023 - Licensing Act 2003 pdf icon PDF 115 KB

That the Committee note the contents of this report, in particular the results of the public consultation exercise undertaken, attached at Appendix 1; and resolve to make no changes to the current Cumulative Impact Policy as contained in the Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy, attached at Appendix 2. 

Additional documents:


Hackney Carriage Unmet Demand Survey 2023 pdf icon PDF 97 KB

That Committee consider the findings of a recent unmet demand survey and stakeholder engagement commissioned by the Council in respect of the Council’s policy on the control of hackney carriage numbers and resolve to continue to restrict the number of licensed hackney carriages to 231 in accordance with the current policy.

Additional documents:


2023 Air Quality Annual Status Report pdf icon PDF 283 KB

That the Committee review and accept the summary of findings of the report below.


Any Other Business

Which in the opinion of the Chair is of sufficient urgency as to warrant consideration.