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Equalities Priorities

Meeting: 12/02/2013 - Cabinet (Item 85)

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THE Cabinet Member for customer services and communications, COUNCILLOR LUCY HODGSON, Recommends:



1.      Cabinet approve the equality priorities.


2.      Cabinet approve the final versions of the equality strategy,         equal opportunities policy and consultation strategy      (Appendices 2-4 of the report).


3.      Cabinet note and approve the proposed training that will be        developed.


Additional documents:


The Cabinet received a report in relation to Equality Priorities. The Portfolio Holder for Customer Service and Communications informed Cabinet that it was being asked to approve the Equalities Priorities, revised Equality and Inclusion Strategy, consultation Strategy and Equal Opportunities Policy. The Portfolio Holder outlined the proposed Equality Priorities as explained in the report. The Portfolio Holder also explained the purpose of the Equality and Inclusion Action Plan, the consultation exercised that had taken place and training arrangements for officers and Members regarding equalities.


RESOLVED: That Cabinet:-


1.      approve the equality priorities;


2.      approve the final versions of the Equality Strategy, Equal   Opportunities Policy and Consultation Strategy (Appendices          2-4 of the report); and


3.      note and approve the proposed training that will be   developed.